Build Audience

Instantly Validate

Seamlessly Activate

  • Audience custom built by you 

  • Drag 'n drop categories & variables

  • Pre-campaign report

  • Works across all online channels

  • Works in all browsers and devices 

  • No IDs or cookies

  • No private data collected or stored

  • Pre-build audiences available

IDFree by NDR

IDFree targeting is the smart and respectful way for data owners to maximize revenue without cookies or other online identifiers.

IDFree targeting is a true commitment to the collaboration of transparent data providers. Data quality, transparency, and reliability are fundamental requirements of every data partner on

We are proud to be able to call ourselves IDFree data-partner, along with Kantar and TransUnion.

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Group Hike
Multi-storey Library
Preparing Drinks



The same unique audience can be activated across all your marketing channels: 


  • DV360, Adform, BidTheatre, Xandr ​& other DSPs

  • Google Ads

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Snapchat

  • Outdoor & Digital Out-of-home

  • Addressable TV

  • Many more to come

Pearl Mirror



 "The entire industry is in need of a fundamental shift from tracking to privacy by default and by design."

We do not deal with individuals or individual data in building audiences.

In a modern lifestyle, neighborhood

is a much stronger link to consumer

preferences than age or gender.

Please read more in our whitepaper.