Build Audience

Instantly Validate

Seamlessly Activate

  • Audience custom built by you 

  • Drag 'n drop categories & variables

  • Pre-campaign report

  • Works across all online channels

  • Works in all browsers and devices 

  • No IDs or cookies

  • No private data collected or stored

  • Pre-build audiences available

IDFree by NDR

IDFree targeting is the smart and respectful way for data owners to maximize revenue without cookies or other online identifiers.

IDFree targeting is a true commitment to the collaboration of transparent data providers. Data quality, transparency, and reliability are fundamental requirements of every data partner on

We are proud to be IDFree data-partner, along with industry giants like Kantar, InsightOne, Experian and TransUnion.

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Group Hike
Multi-storey Library
Preparing Drinks



The same unique audience can be activated across all your marketing channels: 


  • DV360, Adform, BidTheatre, Xandr ​& other DSPs

  • Google Ads

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Snapchat

  • Outdoor & Digital Out-of-home

  • Addressable TV

  • Many more to come

Modern Home



 "The entire industry is in need of a fundamental shift from tracking to privacy by default and by design."

We do not deal with individuals or individual data in building audiences.

In a modern lifestyle, neighbourhood

is a much stronger link to consumer

preferences than age or gender.

Please read more in our whitepaper.

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