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ID-Free Omnichannel Harmony

Some of us are old enough to remember the 1990s buzz about "omnichannel" as the first move towards removing departmental data silos in order to understand and personalize the customer experience.

Harmony with Privacy

Unifying ad campaigns to include both traditional and digital channels, point-of-sale, in-store, and online experiences is a lesson in harmony. And with the decline of 3. party cookies, we see the advertising industry develop from a focus on retargeting to more relevant reach in harmony with data privacy.

Our solutions are based on Privacy-By-Design, and in collaboration with world-class data sources as well as governmental statistical offices we build audiences without collecting or storing private data.

We can provide you/your clients with a true ID-Free Targeting system that works across all marketing channels and all platforms and on all devices - display, video, apps, social media, and outdoor and even addressable TV. We also facilitate that you use your own 1. party data via a simple upload.

If you are looking to ditch tracking based targeting, please reach out to your local NDR rep or via our Contact form and let's chat about ID-Free alternatives.

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