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Struggling to keep up with cookieless advertising? Enter GO!, a game-changer for busy marketers seeking effective, privacy-compliant audience targeting in the Nordic countries.

What is GO!?

Think of it as your one-stop shop for activating programmatic advertising campaigns – in the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee.  This integrated solution from leverages Kantar Media's powerhouse TGI consumer data.  

With GO!, you can:

  • Build targeted audiences in minutes:  Utilize pre-built segments or craft your own using Kantar Media's extensive consumer lifestyle data. No more waiting for complex audience creation.

  • Privacy-first approach:  Relax, knowing GO! adheres to all data privacy regulations. It relies on anonymised data, ensuring user privacy is respected.

  • Seamless activation across platforms:  Effortlessly activate your targeted campaigns directly on leading Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), ad servers, and publisher platforms. Say goodbye to cumbersome integrations.

Who is GO! for?

This solution is perfect for busy advertisers, agencies, and publishers in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.  

If you're looking for a:

  • Fast and efficient way to build targeted campaigns

  • Privacy-compliant advertising solution

  • Streamlined workflow for programmatic activation

Then GO! is your cup of joe (or tea!).

Ready to take your advertising to the next level?

Head over to to learn more about GO! and see how it can help you reach your target audience while respecting user privacy. 

Remember, the future of advertising is cookieless, but it doesn't have to be complicated. 

Let GO! be your secret weapon for success.

Nordic data expertise

Contact us today for a talk about how we can help your ads reach new heights!  

The NDR team of data specialists are ready to help build a targeted campaign that drives your results.


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