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IDFree Newsletter: 3 Clicks To VIP Profile

"You are 3 clicks away from a detailed profile of your best customers" is the headline in the new IDFree Insider newsletter. As data partners with, we are pleased to get the news and feature updates first -

and to get it directly from the developer of one of the most efficient and privacy-safe targeting tools available to modern marketers.

The current issue of IDFree Insider address how easy it is to work with your/your client's CRM data in the IDFree tool as you can:

  • Gain valuable insights into your client’s lifestyle and preferences

  • Target geographical hotspots with a high concentration of people with the same profile

  • Combine your customer profile with more than 300 built-in audiences in

Privacy Is Default

In just 3 clicks you have a detailed profile of your best customers!

It has never been this easy:

  • Upload your/your clients' anonymized CRM data

  • In 3 seconds you have full access to the intelligent features of building - validating - activating the same unique audience

Please reach your local NDR consultant or log in to your IDFree account if you want to test how easy it is to upload a simple CSV file with anonymized CRM data - e.g. postal codes.

You/your team can validate the targeted audience - edit, validate, share - as many times as you need to establish the right reach for the campaign.


Just like us, you can subscribe to IDFree Insider by clicking here or on "Newsletter" at the bottom of any page on - and a pop-up window opens for you to enter your name and email address.

In doubt about how they treat your data? Please see IDFree Privacy Policy.

See former IDFree Insider issues for insight into what you subscribe to.


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