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IDFree Targeting: Free Downloads

The focus on brand purpose and brand accountability of advertisers is only growing. Be in the know with insight into why IDFree by NDR is among the leading targeting tools in the post-cookie era. We introduce you.

We openly share our visions and insight about the values of adtech for the modern marketer. You are welcome to download our published documents for free. And we don't save your data!

Who you gonna call?

We offer you the help to reach your new or known Nordic target customers - it's what we do better than most audience data providers.

As we partner with IDFree, we can help you and your clients create new insight & reach by building, validating, and activating your audience on multiple integrated platforms. Not in days or weeks - in seconds!

Have a look at what some key clients among advertisers and agencies say about IDFree.

You are of course welcome to get in touch with us for an informal talk about how to understand and reach your Nordic audience.


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