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We Help You Unlock Digital Opportunities

NDR is 100% onboard with how (privacy-safe) data analysis has grown to be the leading route to unlocking digital marketing opportunities. That is why we offer lifestyle personas built from analyzed economic, demo-graphic, and social data (census data) - and why we support and advise advertisers and agencies in the Nordics throughout the campaign process.

It Takes Two To Process

We have done the data work behind your audience so that you can focus on intelligent campaign strategy and brand building. We are here to support & advise you on how to analyze your data and base your omnichannel targeting on the most relevant insights.

NDR can help whether you:

  • Build your audience from variables & categories

  • Want to work with first-party CRM data

  • Need sparring on activation on multiple marketing channels

  • Buy pre-built audience data sets with profile & reach

Audiences 2Go

We offer a growing number of pre-built NDR consumer themes like "Loving Barbeque" or "New Hybrid Car Buyers" in each of the Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

  1. Then you set your CPM budget.

  2. That's it!

  3. You are now ready to activate the same audience on every one of your channels.

Do take advantage of our readily available and relevant NDR Audiences with:

  • Consumer themes

  • Audience profile and lifestyle

  • Country-based reach

  • Price packs for impressions/CPM

Give us a call and let us dig into how we can support your insights-driven targeting process and see you/your clients turn data into valuable marketing decisions.


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