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Xandr activation on IDFree by NDR

"Activate in seconds: Xandr platform integrated" is the intriguing title of IDFree Insider #5 - the newsletter from our data partner The privacy-safe targeting platform welcomes Xandr as yet another integrated activation platform on

Xandr is one of the world's leading programmatic platforms for all media types through AppNexus’s demand-side platform (DSP), rebranded as Xandr Invest.

IDFree targeting buzz

As Xandr says:

"It’s a defining moment in advertising. Today’s consumers demand a better, more meaningful advertising experience, and so does the advertising industry."

For to be among the visionary data providers to advertisers and publishers of today, makes our experienced teams proud. delivers in a post-cookie era where brands are intertwined with a commitment to data privacy in all their advertising activities.

IDFree is the privacy-safe platform for localized programmatic on mobile, social, video, display.


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High-quality data partner

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