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Reach Audiences with Precision: Global LL-Data Available

Target your advertising with pinpoint accuracy using our Longitude-Latitude (LL) data. Unlike zip codes, LL data offers precise location targeting across 19 countries:

Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and the USA.

We kindly remind you that by downloading, you accept our Terms of Use.


  • A1 Less affluent pre-family couples and singles

  • A2 Less affluent young couples with children

  • A3 Less affluent families with school-age children

  • A4 Less affluent mature families and couples in retirement

  • B1 Comfortable pre-family couples and singles

  • B2 Comfortable young couples with children

  • B3 Comfortable families with school-age children

  • B4 Comfortable mature families & couples in retirement

  • C1 Prosperous pre-family couples and singles

  • C2 Prosperous young couples with children

  • C3 Prosperous families with school-age children

  • C4 Prosperous mature families & couples in retirement

Currently 19 countries

  • Pre-family couples and singles

  • Young couples with children

  • Families with school-age children

  • Older families and mature couples

  • Elders in retirement


Example: Germany

  • DE | Digital CAMEO Group 1: Wealthy Households

  • DE | Digital CAMEO Group 2: Affluent Professionals

  • DE | Digital CAMEO Group 3: Flourishing Communities

  • DE | Digital CAMEO Group 4: Comfortable Households

  • DE | Digital CAMEO Group 5: Settled Society

  • DE | Digital CAMEO Group 6: Modest Communities

  • DE | Digital CAMEO Group 7: Hard Working Neighbourhoods

  • DE | Digital CAMEO Group 8: Stretched Households

  • DE | Digital CAMEO Group 9: Urban Travail





Currently 19 countries

  • Wealthy families

  • Prosperous families

  • Comfortable families

  • Less Affluent families


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