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About Us

Bridging the gap between research and activation in the Nordics

Nordic Data Resources (NDR) work closely with our industry-respected partners to bridge the gap between research and activation for marketers, advertisers and agencies, publishers and tech vendors in the Nordic countries.


In short, we:  

  • Classify the full population in all major markets  without collecting private data, covering +27people across Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden

  • End the hassles of cross-country audience data management with our New Unified Nordic Taxonomy (NUNT) 

  • Provide instant activation of Kantar TGI audiences on all major channels/ platforms with IDFree GO!

  • Offer pre-built audiences 2 Go with relevant reach & consumer profiles ready to activate 

  • Give access to building custom multi-layered audiences based on consumer data and geo algorithms


NDR History

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