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About Us

Powering Smarter Marketing Decisions in the Nordics

NDR simplifies the journey from research to activation for businesses across the Nordic marketing ecosystem (marketers, advertisers, agencies, publishers, and tech vendors) in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden (over 27 million people!).

Here's how we bridge the gap:

  • Privacy-Centric Insights: We classify the entire Nordic population without collecting personal data.

  • Unified Audience Targeting: Our New Unified Nordic Taxonomy (NUNT) eliminates the hassle of managing data across different Nordic countries.

  • Instant Kantar Media TGI Activation: Activate Kantar Media TGI audience segments seamlessly across all major channels with IDFree GO!

  • Pre-Built Audience Packs: Launch campaigns quickly with our "Audience Packs 2 Go" – ready-made data segments with relevant reach and consumer profiles.

  • Customizable Audiences: Build unique, multi-layered audience segments based on consumer data and sophisticated geo-algorithms.

NDR empowers you to make data-driven decisions and reach the right Nordic audiences – effortlessly.


NDR History

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