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2021 European Martech Supergraphics

We have reached another milestone: NDR is selected to be on the 2021 Martech Supergraphic in the category Audience/Marketing Data & Data Enhancement.

The independent scan and selection by Martechtribe has involved exploring thousands of marketing technology tools for the 2021 landscape of European Martech Supergraphic (Zip).

To be singled out as leaders in the European martech industry - in the category Audience/ Marketing Data & Data Enhancement - means the world to us!

Our Managing Director Gunnar Kihl is pretty pleased about the recognition:

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace." it is said, and all of us at NDR play a big part in our selection for the 2021 Martech Supergraphic. We deeply appreciate the scan and analytics done by the independent MartechTribe team, who's explored thousands of marketing technology tools to create an important landscape of selected martech leaders. This is a highly valuable overview of qualified providers that can help martech customers choose their right partners.

Cookies or Not - we help you as a modern marketer create or buy your unique audience in the Nordics, and reach them with full respect for data privacy.

You are very welcome to get in touch with us for an informal talk about your targeting issues.


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