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IDFree GO! is a next-gen targeting tool with privacy-safe
multi-layered audiences. Owned & developed by Global Data Resources.

IDFree GO! is provided in partnership with NDR and Kantar to allow
instant activation of audiences created in local Kantar TGI's.
Push to DSPs, SSPs, ad servers, and publishers in the Nordics in just a few steps!

IDFree GO! is owned & developed by
Global Data Resources, and is provided
in partnership with NDR and Kantar.

Instant Activation


  • Your TGI audiences are directly transferred from strategy and planning to the digital trading desk.


  • Access your audiences in minutes through a self-service integration with your chosen research platform.


  • Your TGI audiences can be activated on all major platforms like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, YouTube.


  • The model is built on a scalable method that gives you sufficient reach. You can even adjust it to campaign goals.


  • Your TGI audiences are created on privacy-by-design. Never touching any kind of PII or sensitive information.

  • No worries about any audience affected by the next ITP change or if Google excludes more! It's a future-proof model.

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