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Coronavirus: Kantar data shows shift in viewing behaviours

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, Kantar and its data partner CSM have completed their first analysis of how the media environment is rapidly changing.

Staying at home changes viewing behaviours

In order to slow spreading of coronavirus, many of us are now in one form of lock down or another - if not quarantined or hospitalized. The world over we are obliged to practice social distancing by working and staying at home.

Shifts in viewing behaviours can now be seen, and it is impacting advertisers.

Kantar and their partner CSM have used data from Kantar’s currency audience measurement and advertising intelligence services to identify 5 short-term shifts in viewing behaviours across multiple markets - and to set out the implications for advertisers.

Rapid changes to media environment

1. People are watching more TV during the crisis, particularly during weekdays.

"We are seeing higher TV viewing levels due to greater availability to view as people practice social distancing and self-isolation."

2. Younger audiences are driving the increase in viewing.

"With school closures, the increases in viewing among younger audiences are outpacing those of older audiences."

3. Breaking news and breaking audience records.

"TV news programmes are one of the critical sources for audiences keeping abreast of the rapidly-evolving scale of coronavirus cases and guidance from public authorities."

4. Growth in viewing is shared amongst linear and non-linear platforms.

"Perhaps the biggest story around viewership during the crisis is the boom in streaming."

5. The most impacted sectors are reducing TV advertising.

"In France, there has been a 10% drop in the number of different advertisers appearing on TV throughout March with automotive, food and leisure the three sectors experiencing the biggest reduction in ad time last week."

Working at home

At NDR we fully comply with our local governments directions, and are working from home with all lines open. Please see Business as almost usual.

Like Kantar (and the Adtech industry as a whole) we are committed to helping our clients better understand the changing behaviours during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Please give us a call or drop an email if you are in any way unsure about the impact on your media strategy.


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