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Kantar Media Trends & New Nordic Targeting

What a thrill to take part in the webinar on January 31 with Kantar in Finland.

Didn't make it to the live webinar? Watch on YouTube or on this page

We reviewed media trends, dived into the utilization of consumer data and target groups, and were among the first to get Kantar's media advertising expenditure in 2022 and the advertiser of the year.

New Unified Nordic Taxonomy (NUNT)

In the Nordics, we are both similar and different & small single markets.

Very often, cross-country targeting of Nordic audiences, built by well-researched consumer data like Kantar TGI (in your local country), is more relevant and efficient for advertisers.

New Unified Nordic Taxonomy (NUNT) is our new unified set of privacy-safe data categories, media, and marketing channels to instantly push a cross-Nordic campaign to. No more waiting for each audience data set to be adjusted and replicated to each channel and platform.

Reach Us Anytime

Whether you are looking to run a cross-Nordic programmatic ad campaign, or you want to get access to privacy-safe marketing data for a single Nordic country or market, we deliver!

Please reach out to our General Manager Gunnar Kihl to talk about all the details.


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