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[August 2021] Kantar Germany and GDR solve the post-cookie challenges for German advertisers looking to navigate through the changing privacy rules on advertising channels.



Kantar Germany now offers an IDFree solution for targeting online and offline audiences in partnership with GDR. Together, we solve the post-cookie challenges for German advertisers looking to navigate through the extended privacy rules on advertising channels.

Today, a German audience based on Kantar's market media study TGI for planning and purchasing campaigns can be safely activated on all major marketing channels

- in seconds, not days or weeks!

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"We developed the IDFree targeting tool to ensure full protection of user privacy - both in the data model and the activation, and on all platforms. By partnering with Kantar Germany on helping clients reach audiences without relying on private data we both create significant value for marketers through new technology and insights."

- Per Kristian Tandberg

General Manager, Global Data Resources


General Manager, GDR


Per Kristian Tandberg

+ 47 930 21 999

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Study Room

Janne Larsen

+ 45 2721 8818


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Kantar 2021 Survey

"Data strategies for brand growth" is the title of Kantar's 2021 Global Advertiser Survey report that combines findings from a global survey of 672 advertisers from 39 countries.


Free download of the report

About Kantar TGI

GDR Papers

Global Data Resources (GDR) use offline, privacy-safe data to classify the full population in 35 major markets, covering +750 million people. With 17 local reps around the world, we know the ad markets we are a part of. GDR is data-partner with industry giants like Kantar and TransUnion. 

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