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Behind The Tech Giants' Veil

Our thoughts about AdTech, privacy, and targeting insights are now published in the Norwegian magazine Analysen. Read the full story online or download the PDF version in Norwegian.

In the translated words of NDR Managing Director & Co-founder, Gunnar Kihl:

"AdTech is no longer "just" about delivering traffic and fast statistics that highlight short-term returns, but must also enrich and deliver the personality of creative branding. With a social media boom in advertising channels and digital formats, multi-channel tools to support creative storytelling are essential for most CMOs."

IDFree targeting platform

We further argue that GDPR, and the upcoming death of 3rd party cookies, provide a backdrop that enables stable and robust data models and marketing technology - from regions like the Nordics - to make valuable contributions to the global development scene.

Our contribution and solution for the future will be launched with the next-gen targeting tool

You are very welcome to reach out to us to set up an account on, and explore the future of consumer insights, analytics, research methods, and targeted marketing.

"By working with analytics, segmentation and targeting models across the major Adtech systems, and relying on local community data on geography/ neighborhoods - combined with qualitative research data - you can work with strong precision, across platforms. While staying on the right side of GDPR legislation, and without the use of cookies."

Please reach out to us and let's talk about your challenges with transitioning from cookie-based to IDFree targeting.


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