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Modern Marketing Milestone

Today is launch day for the official idfree.com site. As trusted data partner with IDFree, we welcome you to online omnichannel targeting without IDs or cookies!


Global Data Resources is the developer and owner of idfree.com.

As transparent data partner we give agencies and advertisers the tool and the data to succeed in the cookieless ad world!

Read the IDFree press release: No cookies. No problem. : Modern Marketing Milestone

Sign up to omnichannel

IDFree is the smart and respectful way for data owners to maximize revenue without cookies or other online identifiers.

A simple sign-up is all you need in order to:

• Build your audience by testing & tweaking combinations of categories

• Validate your audience by seeing who you target before you

• Activate the same audience on social media, video, display, mobile & DOO

(a growing number of DSPs will integrate with idfree.com)

Try online omnichannel targeting at idfree.com with your team and/or client - and watch the silos break down! And please never hesitate to get in touch with us for advice.