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Omnichannel on Danish CMO Agenda 2021

A survey among 122 Danish CMOs points to optimization of customer experience, integrated marketing & omnichannel as the most important topics in 2021.

72 percent of the 122 surveyed Danish CMOs points to optimization of "customer experience, integrated marketing & omnichannel" as the most important topics among 24 options.

You can download the Danish CMO Survey 2021 from the consulting firm Momento for free.

"Digital is of course an important "enabler" for customer focus - design and optimization of the customer experience, and the ability to integrate and omnichannel to address the customer's journey - but it is clear that the CMOs focus is on customers in 2021." *)

- Jes Rørbech, founder and CEO, Momento

*) Translation by NDR

The survey shows that customer experience (72%) and customer journey understanding (52%) stand out as what occupies the marketing management most in relation to market efficiency.

In general the Danish CMOs are looking to digital omnichannel tools and solutions to optimize marketing platforms - to an even greater extent - in order to be able to provide an integrated digital customer experience.

Online omnichannel

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