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BidTheatre activation on partner platform

As data partner with the online omnichannel targeting platform,, we're excited to be part of this thorough alternative to the old cookie based ad world.

With the independent DSP BidTheatre on board as new integrated platform to activate audiences to, the IDFree system adds yet another channel to its online omnichannel univers.

By now media agencies and brands advertising can push one 'n the same audience to Facebook as easily as to Snapchat, BidTheatre, DV365, and many more.

See the list of platforms already integrated with the IDFree system.

Online omnichannel without IDs or cookies

To initiate new conversations with your team and/or clients on how to create the all important integrated digital customer experience, the IDFree system offers the true omnichannel solution.

Please feel welcome to get in touch with us for a quick introduction to IDFree omnichannel targeting.

As trusted data partner, we can set up a free test account in no time, and let you try tweaking the precision & reach of your audience - bought or build - before activating that same audience across multiple social media and marketing channels.


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