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Building Bridges With Kantar Presentation


We hope you attended our webinar with Kantar on November 24th. If not, you can see the full presentation in the comfort of your own office and get introduced to:

  • New Unified Nordic Taxonomy (NUNT)

  • Instant Activation Directly From TGI

Please reach our Managing Director Gunnar Kihl for any questions or interest you might have.

Gunnar Kihl, NDR and Ingvar Sandvik, Kantar

New Unified Nordic Taxonomy (NUNT)

Kantar already provides 100s of audience segments covering key consumer categories to help make advertising more addressable, personal, and impactful.

Now, Kantar & NDR takes it further by unifying audience data across 4 Nordic countries and offers 444 new audiences, ready for cross-Nordic ad campaigns to run as one.

Instant Activation Directly From TGI

Create your audience in your local TGI or other trusted sources to set combinations of categories & reach, then replicate your audiences to in real-time - forget waiting for your data to be available!

After you have entered billing info, you go directly to activation on multiple platforms incl. social media and local media.

Please reach Gunnar Kihl for an informal talk about how instant activation is the digital bridge over programmatic advertising and brings data control back to you.


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