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From Insight To Instant Activation Up North

Most of us involved in digital communication know all we need to know about work silos and a fragmented process toward the final destination of reaching the right consumer with the right message on the right channel.

None of us intends to have 8-10 steps between the client and the programmatic team implementing the online targeting strategy. In reality, teams typically operate in parallel workflows/cultures, creating delays and limitations in the ad activation process.

So how do you go from the research of lifestyles to building a unique audience and then activating it on digital channels across platforms, devices, and data privacy regulations?

Reach out to a professional marketing data provider like NDR and get a holistic solution to translating research into Nordic audiences with instant activation.

Next-Gen Non-Intrusive Reach

Nordic Data Resources is born privacy-first and we have built custom audiences without relying on private data since 2015.

It is part of our Nordic DNA to be a transparent data partner and help you & your team efficiently run a non-intrusive targeting strategy.

We can show you how to create new insight & reach as you build (or buy), validate, and activate an audience on multiple platforms incl. social media - in minutes. Not days or weeks!

Based on a dynamic cluster algorithm, we can pinpoint relevant geographical hot spots for hundreds and hundreds of social-demographic characteristics as well as consumer attitudes and preferences in four Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden).

Ping us anytime! We are always up for a talk about how you can translate consumer insight to Nordic audiences with instant activation.


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