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Jury of Consumers Award the 2022 Top Creative Effectiveness

How To Win In A Digital World? Kantar reveals the most creative and effective ads from 2022. Judged by consumers. Based on more than 13,000 tested ads.

In a fast-moving and ever-evolving ad world, marketers and their agencies and publishers are often challenged to be both creative and effective on channels that relentlessly change.

But! Sharing is Caring. And Kantar has just revealed what they (via consumers) found to be the most creative and effective digital, social, TV, print and outdoor ads in 2022.

Kantar has made its fourth annual Creative Effectiveness Awards free to download, bringing you insight from more than 13,000 ads that they tested in 2022.

Jury of Consumers

What makes Kantar's awards unique is that consumers are the jury!

The winning ads are categorized into:

  • Top 10 Digital/Social ads

  • Top 10 TV ads

  • Top 10 Print/Outdoor ads

Discover what makes the winning ads successful and check out the emerging creative trends in the Kantar booklet.

Or watch the Kantar webinar where creative experts discuss the winning ads.

Reach the Right one the Right way

As you begin to create your ad, have a talk with us about establishing the data foundation of the audiences you want to reach.

We help you and/or your clients base ad campaigns on privacy-safe consumer research and give you access to instant activation on all major channels and platforms through our partnership with the next-gen targeting tool:

NDR is a member of the Audience Alliance and collaborates with some of the very best developers and data providers.

Together, we also give publishers easy access to a complete standardized audience taxonomy to enrich ad impressions with 1st party data delivered on 1st party cookies or ID-free.

As always, please reach us for a talk anytime!


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