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New Nordic Audience Lists 2023

Check out our new and upgraded audience lists for each of and across the four Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Based on data from i.a. national Statistics offices, we work with trusted providers like Kantar and TransUnion to offer Nordic marketers, advertisers & agencies, publishers & tech vendors instant audience activation on major marketing channels & platforms.

See the latest new version of the country-based consumer research data we offer you and/or your clients in order to reach unique audiences in and across the Nordics, covering 27M people.

Unified Nordic Taxonomy

We make cross-country omnichannel activation of programmatic ad campaigns in the Nordic region easy, fast, and privacy-safe! It's what our teams do all day every day!

NDR offers more than 2.000 Nordic audiences and thousands of data combinations available for you if you yourself build custom audiences per brief per country.


We also offer audience data in LL-format in currently 19 countries.


As of lately, NDR is an active member of the Audience Alliance.

We collaborate with some of Nordic adtech's best to give publishers next-gen safe, fast, and easy access to a full standardized audience taxonomy.

This allows publishers as well as advertisers to enrich ad impressions with 1st party data delivered on 1st party cookies or ID-free.

Programmatic ready. IAB compliant. And ready to use today!

Please Reach Us

Ping us anytime

We are always up for a talk about how you can translate consumer insight to unique Nordic audience data and give you access to instant audience activation across four countries to reach up to 27M.


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