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The Future of Targeting: True Omnichannel

Derek Swanson is chief technology officer at Silk, a Cloud DB Virtualization Platform, and writes about implementing reliable cloud strategies in a TotaltRetail article "The Future of Commerce: Going Headless". Swanson pinpoints how retail is reshaping to fit today's consumers who shop on multiple devices and platforms while their online expectations only continue to grow.

The parallels to advertising reach are obvious and call for a transition to multi-layered privacy-safe audience data available for all platforms and channels, including iOS and social media.

To be able to activate the same audience on all online marketing channels is of huge value to Nordic brands, advertisers, and publishers - which is why we are partners with The leading privacy-first targeting tool supporting true online omnichannel.

Consumers Shop on Multiple Devices and Platforms

We have never based our audience data on tracking by third-party cookies or UIDs - not for any advertising channel.

Instead, we are partners with the online omnichannel targeting tool and enable our clients and partners to master cookieless communication on all their different channels.

As Swanson writes, the growing number of social media channels has the retail industry implementing a headless commerce strategy* since consumers shop on multiple devices and platforms while their online expectations only grow.

"The rise of social media and third-party applications has increased the number of application programming interface (API) calls on the retail database by at least 4X."

Rather than fear the transition to cookieless targeting, marketers can (and should) welcome the ability to deliver true consumer data privacy on each and all chosen advertising channels (including social media) and handle it easily and efficiently by activating the same audience on all channels, platforms, and devices.

*) "Headless commerce is an architecture that separates a website’s front-end applications running on desktops, mobile, wearables, progressive web apps (PWAs), and kiosks from the back-end engine."

Non-Intrusive Omnichannel Reach

It is not unusual to see 8-10 steps between the client and the programmatic team implementing the online targeting strategy. eases this time-consuming process by uniquely allowing you and your team to build, validate and activate the same audience to currently these marketing channels:

  • DV360

  • Adform

  • BidTheatre

  • Xandr

  • Google Ads

  • Smartclip

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

  • Outdoor

  • Digital Out-of-home (DOOH)

  • Video

  • Addressable TV

We are here to help you hold the fort with pre-built audience packs in the Nordic countries while you start exploring a true omnichannel campaign strategy without third-party cookies.

Our experienced team can help you create new insights and better reach your audience on multiple integrated platforms in seconds. Not days or weeks!

As always, you are very welcome to get in touch with us to hear more.


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