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Swedish publisher leads advertisers to lifestyle data

Stampen Media is one of Sweden's leading media groups. For this influential publisher to now offer 1st-party audiences enriched by consumer insight from Mosaic™ Lifestyles is a breakthrough opportunity for advertisers in Sweden. Sold by Stampen Media. Provided by NDR and our partners in the Audience Alliance.

If you ask us: "How do I increase the ad performance without picking my segments' private data?"

Our answer is: "Look to the leading publishers (and their data providers) to get consumer lifestyle data that gives you layers of details to add to/enrich your segments with - and with 100% respect for privacy.".

Stampen Media, one of Sweden's most significant and influential media groups, does just that! Today, this leading media group with an unmatched reach across the full population offers its advertisers 1st-party audiences enriched by consumer insight from Mosaic™ Lifestyles.

Publishers with or without inventory

To help advertisers - who are increasingly looking to geo-demographic segmentation to replace the dying out 3rd-party cookies - Stampen can now offer multi-layered consumer lifestyle data to keep detailing audience profiles and raising the precision of ad performance.

The data is available to advertisers in Sweden today!

Göran Eklöf, Nordic Data Resources' Country Manager and VP Partnerships, says:

"The Mosaic™ Lifestyles segmentation system is the most successful predictor of consumer footprints as a result of identified lifestyles. To see Stampen Media help advertisers intelligently enrich 1st-party data is one of the reasons why the programmatic ecosystem is thriving in Sweden - and throughout the Nordic region. We are excited to take part in building new stable grounds for digital advertising after the 3rd-party cookie era. We welcome Stampen Media on this important journey."

Partnerships pave the way

NDR collaborates with some of the most respected developers and providers across the programmatic supply chain.

With our partners, we give advertisers and publishers safe, fast, and easy access to a complete standardized audience taxonomy to enrich ad impressions with 1st party data delivered on 1st-party cookies or ID-free.

As always, reach out for a talk anytime!


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