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Fresh data feed from +2000 updated audiences

NDR is starring in the May issue of the IDFree Insider newsletter!

Together with our global sister company GDR, we are celebrating a massive update of over 2000 audiences in the Nordics. The data is based on the latest research and survey insights from leading consumer analysts like Kantar.

To be able to trust that you work with current high-quality and multi-layered consumer data is a recipe for relevant reach!

As a responsible targeting provider, we continually update the numerous audience data from our main partners and national statistics offices.

This data maintenance of more than 2000 audiences is part of our insights service to marketers who no longer "cookie-track" consumers across their entire online life.

The Trade Desk Activation is Integrated

In other good newsletter news, it's announced that The Trade Desk is now a fully integrated activation platform in

Log in to see for yourself how the integrated activation platforms help you.

Or check out this instruction video on how to push your audience data to The Trade Desk platform for instant activation.

Read more in IDFree Insider.


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