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Are you in an open cookie relationship?

If you breathed a sigh of relief when Google postponed its announced ban on third-party cookies from early 2022 to 2023, you are not alone! As industry, we now get a bit more time to adapt to the cookieless future of reaching our audience.

NDR has a pool of pre-built relevant audiences, ready for activation across all marketing channels, saving you time to look around for new cookieless solutions.

Be prepared - Start small

To begin testing small cookieless campaigns and examining your (re-)targeting strategy could be very responsible action towards your future successful digital advertising.

And we are here to help you hold the fort with convenient audience packs while you start exploring a campaign strategy without third-party cookies.

Wes Farris, VP of Product at Digilant, suggests in a Streetfight article:

"Marketers looking to prepare for a cookieless world may find that small, time-limited campaigns, specifically for Safari and Firefox users can be a relatively cost-effective way to gauge what kind of scale is possible once the cookie ban is in place."

Convenience across team

We pride ourselves on tearing down silos - both as a partner with and by providing pre-built Audience packs that allow your team to share & reuse campaign settings - freeing up time to prepare for the right third-party cookie alternative.

Do take advantage of our readily available and relevant Nordic Audience packs with:

  • Consumer themes

  • Audience profile and lifestyle

  • Country-based reach

  • Price packs for CPM

As always, give us a call or email with your concerns about facing the cookieless challenges. We have answers.


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