Visma: Cookies continue to crumble

Visma - a leading European supplier of business-critical software - has written one of the most interesting posts about the digital ad future without cookie tracking, that we have read in a while. With a deep understanding of the long-standing dependency on cookies for audience management, Visma examines how & why IDFree by NDR is one of the most intelligent targeting platforms in the post-cookie reach of consumers.

"For those who have worked with programmatic advertising for some time, they probably know Nordic Data Resources and their MOSAIC segments. Should you mysteriously have missed them, you will at least notice them in the future. Nordic Data Resources has always been based on data without cookies, and we have had access to the data through DSPs such as Adform. But now they have taken the step even further, and launched IDFree, a platform where you can build and adjust your target group before you send it over to your DSP."

Our IDFree by NDR solution provide the privacy-safe data behind understanding the audience's lifestyle through the neighbourhood they live in. A solution so important to the adtech industry, that it got us listed on the 2021 European Martech Supergraphic.

More relevant than ever

With the cookie crumbling, Visma points to the fundamental importance of the IDFree tool.

And we do indeed stand out with our dynamic cluster algorithm and data partnerships, that allow modern marketers to - privacy safely - predict the social demographics and relevant consumer consumption patterns of their audience.

"The target groups in IDFree are based on consumer classifications, geographical tagging of neighborhoods and national data statistics. By crossing the various data sources, they have managed to