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Nordic Audiences To Activate

Set up your/your client's campaign for activation without concerning yourself about building the audience or reusing an old audience without time to analyze it. We let you forget about the data & algorithms behind building audiences and offer you a ready-made data set with a relevant profile and reach that fits your campaign goals in the Nordics.

Pick from a pool of consumer themes like "Loving Barbeque" or "New Hybrid Car Buyers" in each of the Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and set your budget for impressions. That's it! You are now ready to activate the same message on every channel.

Supporting Campaign Management

We have done the data work so you that can focus on where & when to push the campaign(s).

Look to our ready-made NDR Audiences, created with privacy-safe quality data for your convenience and ready to be activated across all relevant channels, like display, video, mobile AND on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat.

Do take advantage of our readily available and relevant NDR Audiences with:

  • Consumer themes

  • Audience profile and lifestyle

  • Country-based reach

  • Price packs for impressions

Give us a call and let us dig into what kind of NDR Audience is relevant to target with your ad campaign.


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