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Flipping the Script - Why Embrace the "Deadspots" in the Nordic Ad Market?

At Nordic Data Resources (NDR), we understand the unique consumer landscape of the Nordic countries. Here, cultural values like friluftsliv (embracing the outdoors) and janteloven (equality and modesty) create a nuanced audience with a bredde (broadness) of interests. This begs the question: why limit your campaign reach to only absolute (100%) relevant audiences when most Nordic consumers exist in a continuum of preferences and values?

Challenging the Traditional, Rigid Hunt for "hotspots"

We're introducing a groundbreaking concept within our Flip-the-Script tool: deadspots. This approach challenges the traditional, rigid hunt for "hotspots" – those seemingly perfect audience segments that tick every demographic box.  

Many of our forward-thinking Nordic clients are already rejecting this binary approach, and instead, are embracing a more nyansert (nuanced) targeting strategy.

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For generations, marketers have relied on a black-and-white view: audiences are either relevant or irrelevant. But this fails to capture the full picture. 

Consumers in the Nordics, like everywhere else, have a multitude of influences that shape their decisions – from shared cultural values to unexpected hobbies.

Flipping the Script: Beyond the Pinpoint

Transitioning to a nuanced approach isn't a sudden switch.  We, as marketers, are ingrained in the "pinpoint-who-to-target" mentality.  There's a reason for it – focusing on "hotspots" can be reliable. Demographics, shopping habits, life milestones – these data points provide a solid foundation.

However, here at NDR, we know there's untapped potential in the "deadspots" – those audience segments that may seem less relevant on the surface.  

Consider a brand targeting outdoor enthusiasts in Norway.  While focusing on hikers would be an obvious choice, what about those who enjoy leisurely walks in the park?  These individuals might still be receptive to the brand's message, especially if it aligns with their values of appreciating nature (friluftsliv).

Dig into our free paper: Flip The Script - Beyond The Usual 

The Nordic Advantage: Embracing "bredde"

The beauty of the Nordic market lies in its bredde. Consumers hold diverse preferences within a shared cultural framework.  By embracing the "deadspots" and employing nuanced targeting, you can:

  • Expand Reach: Tap into a wider audience pool, fostering brand awareness and consideration.

  • Discover Hidden Gems: Identify unexpected segments that might resonate deeply with your brand message.

  • Drive Engagement: Craft more personalized messaging that connects with diverse consumer values.

Dig into our free paper: Flip The Script - Beyond The Usual 

Ready to Flip the Script?

NDR's Flip-the-Script tool with its "deadspot" targeting empowers you to move beyond the limitations of traditional audience segmentation. 

Contact us today to discover how we can help you unlock the full potential of the Nordic ad market!


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