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Make a Splash This Summer with Precision Advertising

Summer is on the horizon, and it's time for your marketing strategy to heat up! Reach your ideal customers with pinpoint accuracy using Nordic Data Resources' arsenal of 16 custom summer audiences.

Make a Splash This Summer with Precision Advertising

Summer's calling, and your marketing needs to answer! Reach your ideal customers with laser precision using NDR's 16 custom summer audiences.

This summer, we offer a diverse range of pre-built segments ready to go - from vacation planners and festival goers to outdoor enthusiasts and beyond.

No matter your industry, we can help you connect with the perfect audience for your summer campaigns.

Target with Laser Focus

NDR's audiences are built for immediate omnichannel activation, allowing you to target potential customers across:

  • Specific Countries: Focus on one country or reach all four Nordic nations – Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

  • Multiple Devices: Deliver your message seamlessly across desktop, mobile, and more.

Pre-Built Segments for Every Summer Adventure

Have a look at our wide range of pre-built audience segments ready to launch your campaigns.

Whether you're targeting:

  • Vacation Planners with wanderlust and an itinerary in mind

  • Festival Goers seeking music, excitement, and unforgettable experiences

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts eager to explore nature's beauty

NDR has the perfect audience for your summer campaign, no matter your industry.

See How NDR Can Help You Win This Summer

Watch the exclusive video showcasing our game-changing summer campaign solutions designed specifically for the Nordic market.

NDR's Data Expertise

Contact us today for a talk about how our summer audience segments can help your ads reach new heights!  

The NDR team of data specialists are ready to help build a targeted campaign that drives your results.


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