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Unveiling the Secrets of Award-Winning Ads in 2023

Kantar's prestigious Creative Effectiveness Awards highlight the most impactful ads that resonated deeply with audiences in 2023. Why? Because, unlike other accolades, the winners are chosen by the very consumers they aim to reach.

Start your journey towards award-worthy Nordic campaigns today. Download Kantar's resources and unlock the secrets to building genuine consumer connections through the power of creative storytelling. 

But remember, in today's privacy-conscious world, effective storytelling goes hand-in-hand with understanding your audience.

Unlocking Deeper Consumer Insights

At Nordic Data Resources, we're passionate about empowering brands to connect with Nordic consumers on a deeper level.  We provide access to rich consumer insights, helping you understand their unique values, aspirations, and media consumption habits.  

This knowledge equips you to craft narratives that resonate with their hearts and minds.

Curious to discover the secrets behind these award-winning campaigns?  Download the insightful booklet or tune in to Kantar's engaging webinar to:

  • Explore the winning ads: See the campaigns that captivated audiences and ignited connections.

  • Learn from the masters: Delve into the key creative elements that consistently set winning campaigns apart.

  • Uncover emerging trends: Gain valuable insights into the latest approaches that are shaping authentic and impactful advertising.

Privacy-Safe Audience Data: Building Trust, Delivering Results

We offer privacy-safe audience data solutions that allow you to reach the right audiences across the Nordic region.  By leveraging ethical and compliant data sources, you can target your campaigns with precision, ensuring your message reaches the most receptive consumers.

The combination of captivating creative storytelling, insightful consumer understanding from NDR, and privacy-safe audience data is the winning formula for building meaningful connections with Nordic audiences. 

Start your journey towards award-worthy Nordic campaigns today with NDR as your partner in achieving marketing success in the Nordics!

Reach us for a talk about how effective storytelling goes hand-in-hand with understanding your Nordic audience.

Check out NDR's arsenal of 16 custom pre-built summer audiences and reach your ideal customers with pinpoint accuracy!


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