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Score Big with Custom Audiences for Olympics & UEFA 2024

The 2024 sporting calendar promises a summer of epic athletic achievements! Here at Nordic Data Resources (NDR), we're gearing up to help you reach the most passionate sports fans across the Nordic countries with our privacy-safe, custom audiences.

Reach Engaged Fans Across The Nordics (and Europe)

We've made it super easy to target passionate fans residing in each of or across of the four Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) by offering our privacy-safe, custom audiences for:

Additionally, leverage our Global Data Resources network to reach fans in nine additional European countries, impacting a massive audience of up to 425 million Europeans!

NDR Managing Director Gunnar Kihl, says:

"The Nordic region is a frontrunner in the visionary world of digital advertising. We see a growing trend of consumers demanding ethical reach, and with the cookieless future announced, our privacy-safe solutions are the perfect answer."

Contact Gunnar today and let's make the 2024 sporting season a resounding success!

Match Fans with Laser Focus

NDR empowers you to connect with the most engaged sports fans across the Nordics.

With our custom audiences and omnichannel activation capabilities in the ID-free targeting tool, you can create winning marketing campaigns that resonate deeply with your target market.

  • Olympic & UEFA Enthusiasts: Ignite excitement with custom audiences specifically tailored to those following the Olympic Games and the UEFA Euro 2024.

  • Sports & Football Fanatics: Go beyond the games! Capture the interest of dedicated sports and football fans who crave year-round engagement with their favorite teams and athletes.

  • Betting Boom: Reach potential customers interested in sports and football betting with highly targeted audience segments.

Fuel Your Marketing Victory!

Make your campaigns soar with NDR's custom audiences. We give you access to seamless activation across all major channels and platforms in the Nordics and beyond using our innovative ID-free targeting solution on

Remember, our data is ethically sourced and adheres to all data privacy regulations, ensuring a winning combination of reach and responsible marketing.

Contact NDR today and let's turn your marketing goals into gold!


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