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Lifestyle Targeting Creates Meaningful Connections

NDR is featured in the latest newsletter IDFree Insider as we have released a new important paper about lifestyle targeting: From Coffee Shops to Condos.

We focus on moving beyond age targeting to create meaningful connections from a deep understanding of what makes up modern buying patterns and preferences.

Lifestyles are not just buzzwords.

They are real and living manifestations of our choices, dreams, and constraints.

Age rarely defines our lifestyles

Have a look at 3 women in their early 30's with very different lifestyles!

Lifestyles matter!

In the fast-paced world of marketing and consumer behavior, lifestyle has become a crucial determinator of our buying decisions. Lifestyle shapes our consumption choices, influenced by life phases, location, and affluence.

From trendy gadgets for singles to family-oriented products, our buying behavior

reflects our life's journey.

Dig into "From Coffee Shops to Condos": download pdf or read it online.


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