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Prepare for privacy regulations to affect advertising

The IT governance organization ISACA reports that nearly 1 out of every 5 marketers indicates that privacy compliance is their main concern across marketing channels. We know most Nordic marketers acknowledge that a privacy-first approach is vital for building consumer trust. Still, working within the new limits of how brands can leverage and move consumer data around is challenging for just about every marketer. You don't have to sweat it. Call us!

We certainly get why many marketers struggle to grasp the changes in how to build ad personalization without traditional third-party cookies. But advertisers have to realize that they risk years of loyalty work by not preparing for the cookieless world.

To us, tech talk is meaningless without the right tools. That is why we trust and offer the next-gen targeting tool to help all types of marketers transition to a cookie-less understanding and reach of unique audiences.

Compliance across channels

Alain Marcuse, Chief Information Security Officer at Validity, writes in a StreetFightMag comment:

"Done correctly, the implementation of appropriate privacy practices, as codified in ISACA’s privacy certification programs for example, actually supports effective marketing and drives measurable improvements in bottom line results. (...) Such refinement starts with marketing, security and privacy teams working collaboratively."

Whether you are a programmatic ad buyer or seller in the Nordic region, you simply must embrace alternatives to the dying third-party cookies. To do it "correctly", we trust in and offer you "geographical targeting" as the solution to changing privacy regulations.

The privacy-safe geographical targeting tool allows you/your clients to keep complete control of data - e.g. by a simple upload of owned first-party data.

You are also able to test the reach in (user-friendly view in Google Maps) before the same audience can be activated on all major marketing channels/platforms/ social media with only a few steps.

Geo-targeting neighbourhoods

Targeting advertising campaigns to specific geographic locations requires a deep understanding of the targeted regions - we operate with clusters of a minimum of 15 households, called "Neighbourhoods".

Understanding who lives in a neighbourhood means analyzing the local culture, lifestyles, and customs by comparing them to census and market statistics - in order to create ads that are privacy-safe, relevant, and engaging.

We can help you help yourself/your clients by providing audiences with the right Nordic region reach according to the brief and/or ensuring easy upload of first-party/CRM data to where activation platforms are integrated for user convenience.

As always, please reach out to our team for a talk about transitioning to cookieless and ID-free targeting.


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