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NDR provide TV4 advertisers with ethical audience data

TV4 chooses Nordic Data Resources to provide geographical lifestyle data to target ads without using cookies or online IDs. To help advertisers - who are challenged by Google’s phase-out of third-party cookies for tracking user behaviour - TV4 offers their advertisers a targeting model that is stripped of individual data.

The Google phase-out of third-party cookies is now! Alternatives are available to Nordic marketers who generally want to raise the bar on transparency and rely on ethically collected data to research and understand their audience. 

Sweden's number 1 choice by advertisers is TV4. By offering advertisers data enriched with geo- and sociodemographic insights, TV4 supports its advertisers with user-friendly and respectful self-service tools to reach their target audiences.

To Dagens Media, TV4's sales director Rikard Sjöberg says:

"By connecting first-party data down to postcode level together with NDR's data, we get a much higher hit rate, maintained reach and higher efficiency in the campaigns. NDR is very skilled and has the data that we see that many people are looking for."

Geodemographic Segmentation

The cooperation with NDR also means that TV4, with the help of geodemographic segmentation, increases the accuracy of advertisements at the local level.

Through this partnership, TV4 will enrich its existing viewer data with NDR’s geo-based lifestyle data, providing advertisers with more precise and respectful targeting capabilities and a better understanding of their target audiences.

Privacy Powers Programmatic

The transition away from cookies is challenging for the digital marketing industry in general - but it also opens the door to new and more respectful dialogue between advertisers and consumers.

Göran Eklöf, VP Partnerships & Country Manager SE at NDR, welcomes TV4 and its advertisers as important frontrunners of cookieless ad performance:

"We are happy to be involved in creating new stable foundations for TV advertising as the digital transformation takes place for real. Welcoming TV4, one of the leading publishers in the Nordics, on this important journey provides both new insights about consumers and new solutions for audience activation to the many advertisers in the TV4 universe."

TV4's sales director Rikard Sjöberg sums up the mission of next-gen ad targeting:

"For us, it is very much about automating and simplifying the purchase process and lowering the thresholds. Everything that both our partners and customers are looking for."

Reach Consumers With Respect and Relevance

In the absence of cookies, advertisers must find new ways to target ads. We recommend advertisers, agencies, and publishers in the Nordics reach out to us for a talk about the next-generation IDFree targeting tool that aligns perfectly with this new landscape, emphasizing user privacy while still delivering effective ad targeting!

By partnering with IDFree, we can offer a full range of targeting services to modern marketers who need to unlock alternatives to cookies:

  • Mosaic™ Lifestyle targeting: This is census (country-based official statistics) data enriched with consumer research that moves beyond the traditional metrics of age and gender and offers a multi-faceted view of consumers' buying preferences.

  • New Unified Nordic Taxonomy (NUNT) targeting: This is targeting via one unified taxonomy for 27M people in the four Nordic countries, allowing one campaign to run across Nordic media/publishers seamlessly

  • Audiences 2Go: This is a pre-built package with privacy-safe audiences, ready for you to instantly activate on all major channels/platforms

  • IDFree GO!: This is programmatic advertising activated directly from consumer research done in Kantar Media

Give our Transition team a ping for a talk - they are ready to help you and your clients.


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