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Holiday on Mobile

AdColony, a global leader in in-app mobile video advertising, recently revealed that their data showed that only 13% of consumers say they are planning on shopping in-store this holiday season. Shopping online and having products delivered is by now an expected consumer behavior, not the least in light of more digital habits emerging out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NDR has a pool of pre-built relevant audiences in the Nordic countries, ready for holiday season activation across all marketing channels - of course including mobile - saving you time to focus on how, when and where to advertise.

Solid Mobile Shopping Space

Sheeva Banton, AdColony’s VP of Sales, shares important insight on marketing strategy for the holiday season 2021:

"Time spent on smartphones skyrocketed in 2020, solidifying consumer dependence on e-commerce. As it turns out, consumer commitment to mobile shopping remains strong, so this year’s holiday shopping season offers brands an opportunity to strengthen marketing and advertising tactics within the mobile space."
"Our data also highlights that shopping on mobile in-app is the preferred way to shop."

Nordic consumers have most certainly developed strong preferences for online shopping.

According to a survey conducted by PostNord, 19% of Danish consumers shopped online more often in 2020 than before the corona pandemic, while this applied to 26% of Swedish and 22% of Norwegian consumers.

Audience & Reach For Mobile Inn-App

"Consumers have made it clear that they prefer the ease of adding to cart without leaving their home. If an app loses that simplicity, it’ll lose the customer, too."

With our pre-built Audience packs, we enable your campaign team to share settings of audience profiles & reach and help free up time to dig deep into how, when and where to advertise this holiday season.

As data partner with, we offer you privacy-safe omnichannel activation of the same audience on multiple platforms - display, mobile, video, DOOH, outdoor, social media - integrated with

In line with your planning of holiday campaigns, we encourage you to take advantage of our readily available and relevant NDR Audience packs with:

  • Consumer themes

  • Audience profile and lifestyle

  • Country-based reach

  • Price packs for CPM

As always, give us a call or email for a talk about your audience data needs in time for a holiday season within the mobile/in-app space.


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