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Lifestyle: Understanding Consumer Behavior

Lifestyle marketing is a powerful way to reach audiences and encourage them to relate to relevant products or services. With a multi-layered understanding of consumers' lifestyles, marketers now have new analytical resources to create meaningful connections.

Lifestyle shapes our consumption choices, influenced by life phases, location, and affluence as we explain in our newest paper: From Coffee Shops to Condos.

Our lifestyle plays a major role in the decisions we make about the products and services we buy. For example, a young professional who is active and health-conscious is likely to buy different products than a retired couple who enjoys spending time at home.

Understanding Consumer Behavior

The traditional age targeting is rarely precise or efficient.

Just have a look at three women, all in their early 30s but with very different lifestyles!

Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle marketing is a strategic approach to marketing that uses a person's lifestyle to connect with them on an emotional level.

It is about understanding, not just relying on standard categories of eg. age, gender, and income.

Examples of how to use lifestyle marketing:

  • Create marketing messages that appeal to the target audience's lifestyle Brands can create marketing messages that appeal to the target audience's lifestyle by using language, imagery, and values that resonate with them.

  • Position products and services as a way to achieve the target audience's lifestyle goals Brands can position their products and services as a way for the target audience to achieve their lifestyle goals. For example, a car company could position its cars as a way for people to achieve their dreams of freedom and adventure.

  • Create a lifestyle brand Brands can build/strengthen a lifestyle brand by developing a strong association between their brand and a particular lifestyle. For example, Apple has created a lifestyle brand that is associated with innovation, creativity, and status.

How to get Started?

Please dig into "From Coffee Shops to Condos": download pdf or read it online.

Please reach out to us with an email to Managing Director Gunnar Kihl or VP Partnerships Göran Eklöf, and we get back to you in a flash.


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