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Make your last cookies count

When cookies collecting user data has been the backbone of your digital marketing since "forever", you don't just transition to ID-free targeting. Soon you'll have to. But for now, we can help you get max return on your cookie-based campaigns.

There is unrest in the digital advertising market, and 2020 will be an exciting year because both the EU's consumer protection legislation (ePrivacy, Cookie, GDPR etc.), as well as the big, commercial players - primarily American: Google, Amazon, Apple, FaceBook - is in an open battle for ownership of users.

The latest initiative is from Apple Safari browser, Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP), which removes 3rd party cookies.

Cookie Challenges

With the significant limitations on 3rd party cookies, the industry is challenged. The challenge also contains opportunities rather than only limitations though.

Hit us up, and your local NDR rep will be happy to discuss how you can take advantage of your cookie-based campaigns for a little while longer.


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