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Marketers are Back in the Activation Chair

Analyzing consumer & media data and building unique audiences with the right precision and reach, is an investment of your time. To then see it turned into far fewer categories and more manageable descriptions by the programmatic ad buyers, who are bound by a trade desk terminology, is disappointing and inefficient. The answer to us and our transparent partners is integrated activation - and you keep the audience data control!

When creative-client teams keep control of the audience data, they also control what, when, and where programmatic activation happens - that is, if they have the right tools!

Together with our professional partners, we make integrated audience activation fast and privacy-safe to roll out through the online targeting tool

Safe & instant digital activation

We can easily show you how to create new insight & reach as you build or buy and activate the same audience on multiple platforms incl. social media - in minutes. Not days or weeks!

In, you are able to build or buy Nordic audiences, share audiences across accounts,

AND you are in charge of activating the same audience on all your chosen online channels – including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, DOOH, display, etc.

What's the "T" about

  • Instant activation

  • True digital omnichannel

  • You control precision & reach

  • Build or buy audiences

  • Use 1st.-party data

  • No 3rd-party cookies or IDs

  • Validated by Google, Facebook, Xandr, etc.

  • High-quality data partners

Book a demo or ping us anytime. We are here to help you integrate omnichannel activation with the support of our experienced team and our partnership with


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