Cookieless video targeting: New partnership with smartclip

We're thrilled to announce a new partnership with smartclip - leading the future of online video advertising - to bring cookieless socio-demographic video targeting to the market.

Cookieless audience targeting

The end of the cookie is coming at speed for the ad tech industry, and it’s time to start exploring sustainable alternatives.

smartclip, Europe’s largest open adtech development unit for broadcasters and streaming services, and Nordic Data Resources, the leading privacy-safe audience data provider in the Nordics, are now cooperating to facilitate cookieless audience targeting.

Nordic Data Resources’ IDFree targeting solution is available for all smartclip services in the Nordics, allowing detailed socio-demographic geo-targeting within trusted Nordic media.

Hilde Marie Gundersen, Commercial Director Nordics at smartclip, explains why the partnership is ground breaking news to advertisers and agencies:

“Privacy first: With IDFree targeting, we can offer a future-proof and effective way for advertisers and agencies to target the right audience within trusted local media. Neighborhoods play a vital role in our lives and are often a reflection of our lifestyle. Targeting locally and based on local data enables advertisers to capture audiences based on their chosen environment effectively. First trials show promising results and high acceptance among agencies and advertisers.”