No New Season For Apps Harvesting User Data

In 2020, the Norwegian Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet) revealed how many apps collect and share large amounts of sensitive information without users’ knowledge. This led the Consumer Council to file legal complaints, together with noyb, the European Center for Digital Rights, against the dating app Grindr and five commercial partners for breaches of GDPR. Today, ExchangeWire reports that Google has withdrawn over a dozen apps from its Play Store after discovering that they contain code that has secretly harvested user data. This action close yet another "loophole" for intrusive targeting practices, and we acknowledge the clear message of responsibility to ensure users are clear about the data they share with apps.

Are you looking for a solution to respectfully reach your unique audience in the Nordics? Give us a call
Are you looking for a solution to respectfully reach your unique audience in the Nordics? Give us a call

Highly Effective IDFree Targeting

The Norwegian Consumer Council was among the first institutions in the Nordics to call for a ban on third-party tracking in the EU and the US, and they documented their studies in reports like "How consumers are exploited by the online advertising industry".

At NDR we are born privacy-first and have never allowed personal identifiers to enter our models. We rely on online and offline socio-demographic data together with contextual targeting capabilities, that are GDPR- and CCPA-compliant, to build audiences.

Together with our partner, the next-generation online omnichannel targeting solution, we can easily help you get up to date with privacy-safe practices and reach relevant Nordic audiences with data respect.

"IDFree targeting has proven to be highly effective in pilot campaigns tests across Sweden, Norway, and Finland - indicating an index uplift of 250 to 350 depending on the target group."

- Thomas Servatius, smartclip Co-CEO

You are very welcome to reach out to us if you are looking for a solution to respectfully build and reach your unique audience in the Nordics.

We offer both predefined audience packs and support to build a privacy-first data strategy to launch your campaigns in sync with next-generation non-intrusive targeting.