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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Data

"Every Gun Makes Its Own Tune.". It is one of the famous Clint Eastwood quotes from the legendary Western: "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly".

At NDR we do not dabble in weapons but we do understand that the same goes for a brand. To make a brand sing its own tune, or even just softly whistle it in the sunset, authenticity, and accountability are among the main ammunition.

We have the “good” third-party data that comes from non-cookie sources and together with our partners we can help you/your clients build your unique audience from over 300 data variables of current consumer insight.

Build trust with data privacy

At NDR we have never allowed unique identifiers that track users’ every move across the web (3rd-party cookies) to be part of our enriched audience data.

We simply do not believe in the personalization-through-personal-data model, and we only allow anonymized data to enter our dynamic cluster algorithm to create complex audiences that you are able to activate on all marketing channels, including social media.

In other words, we help you/your clients build trust in the brand by showing deep respect for consumers' right to data privacy.

Send Us Your Brief

To get the right-reaching audience in all or one of the Nordic countries, you only need to:

  1. Send us your brief (find your local NDR rep here)

  2. Send us your budget (x million impressions/x amount in €)

  3. Prompt us to open an account for you on (you can personalize your account with company logo and name)

We then return a data packet that allows you to easily:

  1. Present campaign insights to the marketing team and/or clients

  2. Share and/or adjust audience and reach before activation

  3. See on Google Maps whom you are targeting

  4. Activate campaign from by logging into the platform account on e.g. Facebook and activate with a few simple steps

  5. Download campaign reports

As always, give us a call or email for a talk about your data strategy and ad data needs.


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