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The Holistic CMO Embrace Data Privacy

The holistic CMO deals with issues of the entire company and knows all too well that ad campaigns must be transparent about the company policies on cookies, data sharing, and privacy. But (!) what does it entail when the digital advertising process from brief to trade desk is cut up in isolated steps by isolated teams with different objectives? Or even different data?

NDR is the bridgebuilder between traditional personalisation through snooping-by-cookies and intelligent audiences built from real census data and offline neighbourhood data.

Analytical Marketing Partner

The Danish CMO of the Year 2021, Jacob Weinreich, TV2, points to the fact that today's marketing is of course data-driven but also challenged by few data analytical professionals in a typical marketing team:

“We lack analytical skills in our areas. We can easily find people for our analysis departments, but there are very few who are both interested in marketing and have good analytical skills.”

At NDR we do the data analysis for you! We are the partner who helps you safely identify geographical hot spots with the highest concentration of relevant audiences to you/your clients.

In other words, we help you/your clients build trust in the brand by showing deep respect for consumers' private data and other online identifiers.

Why Neighbourhoods Matter

Neighbourhoods of the offline kind are where people and families with similar life phases and similar income levels tend to cluster together.

As such, neighbourhoods reflect lifestyles. This is also why neighbourhoods have different preferences and different consumption patterns.

We have produced a short whitepaper about our privacy-safe data model, free for you to download: Why Neighbourhoods Matter.

As always, give us a call or email for a talk about your data strategy and audience reach.


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