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Nordic Culture backs Data Privacy

We feel the need for highlighting the brilliant article about privacy-by-design in the Norwegian magazine Analysen by NDR's Managing Director & Co-founder, Gunnar Kihl.

Privacy insight in Norwegian

For decades, the Nordic and northern European culture of protecting private data has had challenges in competing with global mastodons, who has based their models on private data as an advantage in building precision. But since the introduction of GDPR in 2016 we've seen the interest in controlling 1st party/own data as well as integrating users' right to protect their personal data skyrocket.

Gunnar Kihl address data privacy as today's business-critical discipline:

"Brands and advertisers need to navigate the reality of consumers' desires for ever more personalized content, and more robust data protection, by taking a holistic approach to data capture."

Key messages in English

"AdTech is no longer "just" about delivering traffic and fast statistics that highlight short-term returns, but must also enrich and deliver the personality of creative branding. With the social media boom in advertising channels and digital formats, multi-channel tools to support creative storytelling are essential for most CMOs."

"Our consumer preferences and behavior are closely linked to our lifestyle - geography, and which neighborhood you live in. The neighborhood is thus a much stronger - and privacy-friendly indicator of consumption preferences than, for example, age / gender as vectors in marketing."

"By working with analysis, segmentation and targeting models across the major Adtech systems, and based on local community data on geography / neighborhoods - combined with qualitative research data - you can work with strong precision, across platforms. At the same time, one stays on the right side of the GDPR legislation, and without the use of cookies."


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