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Snapchat Now has 397M Users: Reach Them with

In their latest performance report, Snapchat shows a strong recovery after the impacts of a shifting digital ad market and global economic stagnation. Today, Snap's back, and the platform boasts an impressive 397M users overall. Improved performance in its ad tools is also part of why more and more advertisers are adding Snapchat to their campaign strategy.

SocialMediaToday comments on Snapchat's Q2 23 performance report and underlines that in Q2 alone the app added 14M daily active users.

It could be said to be quite a comeback from the first shakeup of the new digital ad ecosystem without third-party cookie targeting. Snapchat is now a 397M user platform!

Snapchat activation is integrated into our targeting tool! And we can help you enrich your existing first-party data with multi-layered consumer lifestyle insight and/or build unique Snapchat audiences that you can activate in minutes - not days or weeks!

Model updates and infrastructure improvements

Together with our partners and, we help you jump safely into next-gen targeting where it is now safe and efficient to work with true online omnichannel in your ad campaign strategies.

Snapchat explains the impressive progress as a combination of improving results for advertisers through machine learning (ML) model updates and infrastructure improvements:

“In Q2, we made progress toward improving results for advertisers through machine learning (ML) model updates and infrastructure improvements, new ways of measuring and optimizing advertising spend, and new leadership for our go-to-market efforts. We are pleased to see that this progress is beginning to translate into improved results with record active advertisers in Q2, up more than 20% year-over-year, and through improved advertiser retention compared to the same time period last year.”

Together with our partners - highly respected developers, analysts, and data providers across the programmatic supply chain - we have the next-gen targeting solution ready to lift you out of the post-cookie slouchy confusion.

As always, reach out for a talk anytime!


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