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What Is Wrong With Micro-Targeting?

Micro-targeting is the process of combining multiple audiences to target a very specific and precise target group.

With the enormous amount of audience data in social media and in the programmatic ad space, almost endless combinations are now available.


"We targeted too much, and went too narrow."

This was the conclusion that Marc Pritchard, CMO at Procter & Gamble, the biggest advertising spender in the world, told to Wall Street Journal

Mad Men • Math Men • Match Men

In our free white paper, we address the differences between deterministic and programmatic modelling and point to - at least - two major problems with micro-targeting.

As Peter Loell, Director of Data & Targeting at Hearts & Science, puts it:

"...agencies have gone from Mad Men, to Math Men and now needs to be(come) Match Men that can create a match between strategies, personas, channels, systems and relevant data."


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