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Meet T H E U

Private data and online IDs are fast becoming a problem for digital marketing. Privacy issues and platform limitations make cookie-based audiences less safe and less efficient.

With our new platform, THEU, you can custom design privacy-safe audiences and even create unique audiences from 1st party data.

T H E U : Transparent • Holistic • Everyone • Unique

Build from official governmental census data, no private data, cookies or online ID’s are collected. With access to THEU you can even create a unique and privacy-safe audience only for you by utilizing your/your customer's own data – i.e. Adform ID’s or CRM data.

THEU returns a simple Excel file with relevant zip codes – easy to upload to any & all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Messenger, Twitter as well as IOS/Safari and Firefox.

In essence: Your full digital strategy can be supported by THEU.



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