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"No private data has been used in this campaign"

A new partnership between Adssets and Nordic Data Resources provides agencies, publishers and brands with privacy-safe demographic targeting data.

Data privacy and successful ad campaigns are hardly a seamless match - until now! 

With more than 3.000 audiences to offer Adssets' many professional users of their CMP, our partnership opens the possibility to target content from an ad to different demographic segments.

Game-changing demographic targeting with privacy
"With more than 3.000 audiences to offer Adssets' many professional clients, we are very exited to now be an important part of Adssets' leading CMP. We have chosen to partner with Adssets for many reasons, but mainly the technology that allows for targeting without private data or cookie ID's. This ensures 100% GDPR compliance and allows Adssets' clients to target all the relevant users - including the hard to reach platforms like Safari on iPhones/iPads."

- Göran Eklöf, VP Strategic Partnerships at Nordic Data Resources

"Adssets CMP is strengthening its leadership in personalisation capabilities through the collaboration with Nordic Data Resources. We are thrilled to release this powerful and game-changing implementation to market!” 

- Rickard Ebersjö, CEO at Adssets

Behind the targeting model

No private data or cookie ID's are collected as NDR create audiences. Instead census data on neighborhoods with the highest concentration of relevant consumers is the data that NDR provide for Adssets CMP.

See more on neighbourhoods in our free paper Why Neighborhoods Matter.

Adssets have taken complex ad technology, added DCO elements and made it simple through the creative management platform called Advertising Content Manager (ACM). Beautiful designed, data-driven and personalised ads should be for everyone!


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