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From Tracking to Privacy-by-Default

"The entire industry is in need of a fundamental shift from tracking to privacy by default and by design."

The statement is by Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave, one of the champions of privacy-first solutions, in a conversation with StreetFight Magazine.

Eich elaborates:

"Today’s online ecosystem is fueled by an ad industry riddled with fraud, poor consumer experience with no privacy, and publishers losing dollars to ad-tech intermediaries. While consumers become more privacy-aware, most tech giants are muffling concerns by introducing features that seemingly give consumers control over how they are tracked online."

"Seemingly" is a key to understanding why the current patches on top of a traditional campaign design is not cutting it with consumer privacy.

Please see more in the post Yo ad industry! It’s time to innovate! which focus on the loss of "the advertising cookie" as an industry crutch, leaned on to maintain status quo.


Big (Ad)Tech needs to switch to a privacy-by-default approach. We wholeheartedly agree,

and we base all of our solutions and tools on built-in privacy.

At NDR we work exclusively with Privacy-By-Design. Our tools collects no unified ID's or other private data in order to build campaign audiences.

We integrate both CCPA and GDPR compliance in every part of our segmentation - and our clients are able to run ads on all devices including IOS/Safari and Firefox.

NDR is born-private

We have worked with "a privacy-by-default approach" from day one.

We do not work with consumers' private data.

We solely work with neighborhoods and census data.

Read more in our free paper Why Neighborhoods Matter


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