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Kantar Media Trends and Predictions 2022

What recovering from the disruptions of the pandemic means for brands and media is presented in the Kantar report Media Trends and Predictions 2022. Get a clear view of some of the biggest trends in the media world. Below you get access to the report presentation webcast in Swedish.

The 5 most important trends in 2022

Kantar's report highlights five key themes emerging in the media sphere:

  • Video streaming: a complex, ever-evolving market

  • Re-modelling the commercial internet

  • A different approach to data

  • Performance media and marketing: an expanding playground for brands

  • Life in a pandemic – and what it means now for brands and media

Digging into the report details, we see as expected that advertisers and agencies are concerned about the cookieless world with "60% of advertisers anticipate that the need to improve own data with data from other sources will become much more important in the years to come.".

Enriched audience data in the Nordics

NDR is and continues to be extremely pleased to partner with Kantar in the Nordics as we are bringing the industry's best data and evidence-based consumer insight to our clients.

You are very welcome to reach out to us if you are looking for a solution to respectfully build and reach your unique audience in the Nordics.

We offer both predefined audience packs and support from our team to build a privacy-first data strategy to launch campaigns in sync with next-generation non-intrusive targeting.


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